Why businesses need a content marketing strategy

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You’ve probably heard the term content is king, and this is true when it comes to marketing, as its impossible to do without great content.

Content marketing is absolutely vital for all businesses to to gain interest in its products or services.  However its not about pitching products and services, its about solving issues for your target audience, so that content has to be both relevant and useful.

Content can be created in many different forms; blogs, social media, case studies, videos and the key is to create regular content and share it.

Content marketing isn’t something that should be done separately, it should be a fundimental part of all your marketing:

  • PR – Success comes with solving or addressing the issues readers care about, not pitching your business.
  • Inound marketing – you’ll need great content behind it to drive leads and traffic to you.
  • SEO – good quality, fresh content uploaded regularly is rewarded by search engines


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