About Giraffe


Sarah Binns, Founder

Giraffe Marketing Solutions was born because I could see a gap in the market for smaller businesses, who perhaps felt as though they didn’t have the resource or budget to dedicate to the fast-pace of marketing in today’s world, and I wanted to help. Leading a web and marketing team for a multi-million pound b2b distribution company, I have 10 years’ hands-on experience in all aspects of marketing (both traditional and digital), web, and ecommerce.  I also co-own a hair salon which gives me a greater understanding of my client-base, as I know exactly what it’s like to run a small business with limited budget for marketing.

– Sarah Binns, Founder, Giraffe Marketing Solutions

Why choose us?

The all-round knowledge and expertise gives clients a wide range of marketing support including marketing planning, branding, strategy, web design, email marketing, SEO, PR, copywriting, social media, design, and printed literature.

Companies are able to tap into as little or as much of our services as is needed for their business, at an affordable price.  Achieving that for our clients is very important to us at Giraffe.

How can we help?

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