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MarketingOur affordable approach to marketing consultancy means we’re different to most marketing agencies.  You won’t find us charging the usual £700 daily rates as we’ll always quote by the hour, day, or project to suit your needs.

Marketing can help you meet your business goals

Its always good to start with the end in mind, so having a good think about your overall vision is the perfect place to start.  What do you want to achieve and by when?  Once you’ve done that you can begin putting objectives and targets in place to achieve that growth.  Its also worth asking how well you know your target audience?  This is vital to successful marketing.

Our services include:

cropped-giraffe4.png Marketing Planning

With the help of our expert know-how we can help you pull together a marketing plan to help you achieve your goals within your available budget.  Depending on budgets, our planning session either provides businesses with a one-page strategy document, or a full marketing plan.

cropped-giraffe4.png Branding

This is more than just a logo.  If you feel like your branding can do with a new lease of life, we can take you through a brand strategy session to assess what your brand says about you, from its elevator pitch, through to its brand values.

cropped-giraffe4.png Website Design

A website says a lot about your company and its important to get it looking right.  This doesn’t have to be expensive and cost you thousands, but investing in a good site is vital.  We’ll work with you to come up with a site that really meets the needs of your target audience, and contains engaging content.  Once the design and content plan is signed off and the build is complete, we’ll train you in how to upload content such as blogs so that you don’t have to be tied-in to a monthly retainer!

cropped-giraffe4.png Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you’ve got an existing website that isn’t being found by users for the keywords you want to rank for, or if you’re in a highly competitive industry then you’ll need to invest in SEO.  It is a longer-term investment but is a worthwhile one, especially if you get it right and are on the first page for your top keywords.  We’ll conduct a website audit to start with and begin our checks, looking at the content on your site, backlinks, any issues within the Google Search Console such as duplicate content and any issues with Meta information before putting together a proposal.

cropped-giraffe4.png Email Marketing

With all the content users are sent on a daily basis, getting email marketing right is vital.  You really need to ensure you’re providing your target audience with the most relevant content that adds value to them. With GDPR you have to ensure you’ve had a positive opt-in to your lists, and that they contain an unsubscribe link so that users can opt-out.  If you’re sending relevant, engaging content that’s adding that all-important value, that’s far less likely to happen.  We can help you set up your own email platform and get started with your lists.  We can also help manage, and design e-shots or newsletters for you if you don’t have the time.

cropped-giraffe4.png Social Media 

Social media often gets a bad wrap, but for many businesses its vital for raising awareness of your product or service.  For example if you have a service that targets the local area, a social media presence can generate leads for your business and build greater awareness of your brand or product.  It really depends what your business does and what industry it operates to ascertain if and what social media will work best.  With the many platforms on offer, we can help manage this for you, or can get you set up on Hootsuite which will enable you to manage and schedule posts from one platform.

cropped-giraffe4.png PR

Public relations is all about your company or brand’s reputation.  PR is a result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you.  Every company relies on its’ reputation for survival and success.  Everyone that comes into contact with your company will have an opinion, whether its right or wrong, accurate or inaccurate. These decisions will impact whether people will want to interact, support or buy from your company.  An effective PR strategy can help you stand out from the crowd, find your supporters, and give you a competitive advantage.

cropped-giraffe4.png Copy-writing

We often hear that companies are simply unable to write content fast enough these days.  Luckily at Giraffe, we love writing!  Content can be found in so many different forms from press releases, to blog posts, to web copy.  We can either write content for our clients, or we can provide a copy-editing service, where we tweak their copy for maximum impact.

If its website copy, then it has to be written with SEO in mind, and if its for a blog or how-to guide then a numbered format is best so that it has a chance of appearing in Google’s knowledge panel to drive higher volumes of traffic to the site.  Press releases are well worth the effort and can really help promote your company.

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